Declaration of independence and interest by the top management

The top management of HTCert declares the following:

  • Top management, all staff and external personnel commit themselves to confidentiality, independence and impartiality principles of HTCert.
  • The level of the remuneration (direct and indirect) of the top-level management and personnel involved in assessment activities does not depend on the results of the assessments.
  • The top-level management and all personnel responsible for carrying out the conformity assessment tasks are not involved in the design, manufacture, marketing, installation and use, or maintenance of the products we assess and do not offer or provide any service which may jeopardise the confidence in their independence, impartiality or objectivity, such as consultancy.
  • All members of the Top Management have also committed themselves to the following declaration of interests to confirm their personal independence: My independence as a member of the Top Management of HTCert is not affected by any personal financial interests. I do not have any interests of commercial, financial or other nature, which might lead to act in a biased or discriminatory manner. In particular, I do not hold any shares, stocks, bonds or investment certificates, nor any assets or liabilities in any entity to be audited or certified, excluding ownership of shares or other ownership interests in collectively managed funds whose portfolio I have no influence on.

Signed on 07 June 2023

George Pappous, Managing Director

Filippos Kottis, Certification Director

Evi Saratsioti, Compliance Director

Yannis Krallis, Director of Operations