HTCert has established a clearly defined policy for certification activities. It outlines how HTCert plans and conducts assessments and it is applicable to all clients.

Assessment of the conformity of a client is performed using a range of assessment techniques, which include, but is not limited to: document review, on-site audits and follow-up activities as well as post-certification monitoring. The purpose of the assessment is to determine whether the client has established and effectively implements a quality system that meets the requirements of legislation and / or standards and whether product requirements have been fulfilled, where applicable.

HTCert employs Project Managers who are responsible for the management of assessment, certification, surveillance and recertification processes for each client. They act as direct communication lines between clients and HTCert and they are responsible for leading the assessment team or appoint suitably competent assessment teams, ensuring in each case that appropriate resources/personnel are utilized for individual tasks of the assessment.

Each client provides information to HTCert on its activities, organization and staff. All information obtained before, during and after assessment, are treated as strictly confidential by HTCert, except when the disclosure of information is required by law.