Information / Review / Offer

In this stage, the necessary data describing the current status of the company, including subcontractors and the intended scope of the certification process is collected.

Based on the data given in the questionnaire, HTCert prepares a quotation for the certification.

Formal agreement / Confirmation of audit program

Upon signing a formal agreement, HTCert initiates the certification process.

If requested by the client, HTCert can carry out a pre-audit. This way, the client can be prepared well in advance of the actual certification audit.

Examination of Documentation

In advance of the audit the client has to provide to HTCert

  • Quality Manual and supporting documentation
  • Product Documentation (if applicable)

Audit planning

Based on the submitted documentation, a date for the certification audit is agreed.

The client receives a detailed audit plan, depicting which areas are monitored at what time.

Audit conducting

The on-site audit is conducted based on the audit plan. Audit findings are documented by the audit team and presented to the client.

An audit report summarizing the audit results is issued.

Evaluation of corrective action

The client submits corrective actions according to the plan determined during the audit.

These are evaluated by the responsible Lead Auditor.

Final review

After a positive evaluation by the audit team, the results of the entire certification process are evaluated in summary to verify the fulfillment of the requirements.

Issue of certificate

If all criteria are accomplished, the certificate is granted to the client.


Surveillance audits are conducted on at least an annual basis. Corrective actions for audit findings must be implemented by the client within the specified deadline.


Renewing certification involves the same steps as the initial assessment. All recertification activities should be completed prior to expiration of the existing certification.